Embark on a transformative journey where just ninety minutes could alter the course of your life in unimaginable ways. Experience a radical shift that promises to redefine your existence, leaving you forever changed for the better. This remarkable opportunity is not to be missed as it holds the key to unlocking a brighter, more fulfilling future.

As a coach, I have had the privilege of guiding high achievers through their metamorphosis. Witnessing them evolve from BROKENNESS and DESPAR to rediscovering their INNER STRENGTH and embracing life with newfound vigour has been truly rewarding. This journey of empowerment and self-discovery continues to inspire me as I help others unlock their full potential and THRIVE again.


Almost anyone who has experienced a crisis has pondered the question, at least mentally, of "Why?" Why did this have to happen? What did I do to deserve this? These questions are a natural part of the grieving process. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, a beloved pet, or a way of life, we all experience grief.

Grief is hindered by a profound sense of disconnection and uncertainty about one's self-perception and the effects of one's sorrow. Navigating through grief can be challenging, marked by feelings of disconnection and uncertainty as individuals long for the comfort of their past lives.

I have personally walked this heavy burden of grief journey not once but twice.

I understand how difficult it can be to navigate such emotional turmoil, to drag yourself from the heavyweight hanging all around you, enveloping you in darkness.

Wake-up calls don't come as whispers; they can come like a thunderstorm.
In just one day, one moment of time, everything changed for me...


 Wake-up calls are not always subtle whispers; they can strike like a thunderstorm. In an instant, everything can change, reshaping your world. 

It may not seem like it when you are in the middle of a storm, but like a storm, things change. 

In life, wake-up calls can arrive suddenly and forcefully, akin to a thunderstorm that shakes the very foundation of our existence. 

A single day, a pivotal moment, has the power to transform our outlook entirely. While these moments may feel tumultuous and chaotic, they ultimately pave the way for new beginnings and fresh perspectives. 

Just as storms eventually give way to sunshine, challenges also lead to growth and renewal in our lives. Embrace these wake-up calls as opportunities for personal evolution and positive change.

In 2016, I was hit by a car while cycling, and my legs bore the brunt of the impact, sustaining significant damage. The accident robbed me of my once-fit and athletic legs. Since then, I have endured the pain of rehabilitation to regain the ability to walk, mourning the loss of my identity as an athlete.

In 2017, I received a call that turned my life upside down. My youngest son was reported missing. The outcome was death by suicide.

I found myself lost in the pain of my grief. Not only was I grieving for my son, but I was also mourning the life I once had. I did not recognise my life, and my loss perceived a seriously altered world.

I did not feel it was possible to find happiness or even to move forward, and to be honest, I often asked myself, “Why go on?"

 Suddenly, my deeply held identity as an athlete, mother, and provider was shattered, leaving me adrift in uncertainty.

What happens when those external factors are removed? “Who am I then?

Identity is the collection of attributes that defines how we perceive ourselves. It is the answer to the question: “Who am I?

 Identity or psychological identity is your capacity for self-reflection and awareness. People usually acquire their identities through tasks and the objects they identify with. For example, if you ask someone, “Who are you?” and he replies, “I am the restaurant’s chef“, then this person identifies with his job and thinks of himself as the chef instead of Robin or Tom.

Instead of identifying myself as Tracey, I associated my identity with being an athlete, mother, and provider.

Recognising this internal struggle is an essential step towards finding a resolution.

We must stop looking in the review mirror to our pain and take our foot off the brake to allow ourselves to move forward.

Like a car, if you keep your foot on the brake and only look in the review mirror and not ahead, the vehicle will not move forward to your destination.

A profound shift occurred in the journey of navigating grief and finding peace amidst pain - embracing the life unfolding in each moment became the focal point—a new perspective emerged by quieting the relentless inner dialogue and choosing to seek joy daily.

Acceptance of loss as part of life's narrative brought solace, honoring what our loved ones would wish for us. Grief is not a defined experience but rather a part of our human existence; it is in shaping meaning post-loss that we find resilience and growth.

I am no longer trying to overcome my grief or find solace in my pain because within each day, within each moment, the life I desire is happening right now, all around me.

I had to stop the constant mind chatter controlling my everyday thoughts.

I had to stop feeling like I would never move forward and start finding joy in each day and every moment.

I had to decide that living without my son was okay, as he would have wanted this.

Ultimately, finding solace comes from living in the present moment, embracing joy each day while honoring the memory of those we have lost. 

Grief is not a test, a lesson, or a blessing. Grief is what happens to us in life. Meaning is what you make of your life after your loss.

Introducing "THRIVE After Grief" 

A groundbreaking 12-week program for high achievers navigating the challenging grief journey and seeking healing, personal evolution, and positive change.  

In my coaching program, "THRIVE After Grief," I specialise in supporting high achievers navigating through profound loss and grief, whether it be the passing of a loved one or other forms of grief.

I help high achievers who feel overwhelmed and consumed by their emotions, struggling to find their way from darkness to light. Together, we work towards healing and rediscovering hope amidst the pain.

The essence of my coaching involves guiding clients through "The RAW Journey." This process doesn't deny the pain of your loss; instead, it acknowledges the RAW pain. It provides the necessary tools and support for healing from grief, helping you discover what lies beyond your loss and motivating you to heal and move forward to higher levels of PEACE, HAPPINESS, and WELL-BEing.

My coaching goes beyond traditional grief counselling by offering a holistic approach. I provide practical tools, guided exercises, strategies, and expert support to help individuals navigate their healing journey and rebuild a fulfilling life. From mindfulness exercises to journaling prompts, I empower individuals to cultivate SELF-AWARENESS, RESILIENCE, and PURPOSE.

When we change the address from where we live within our mind, the pain that consumes - our thoughts, feelings, and emotions - and focus on the now and what we have to live for, we shift our Well-BEing and REDISCOVER, RECONNECT, and RENEW a life beyond our grief.  

With my proven methodology, countless high achievers have found solace and regained a sense of purpose. My coaching has received rave reviews for its effectiveness in transforming grief into growth.

Are you ready to lighten your load? Uncover the weight you carry and unlock your destiny with my coaching program, "THRIVE After Grief." Dive into your journey and gain invaluable insights to empower you in your healing process.

"EMBRACE RENEWAL: Transformative Support on Your Journey from Grief to THRIVING Partner with Me to Step into a Future of RESILIENCE and GROWTH."

Are you tired of endless Google searches trying to find solace for your grief? The constant struggle to find answers, peace, and clarity can feel overwhelming. Your thoughts, emotions, and sleepless nights may still consume you despite your efforts. It's time to seek a more effective solution to help you navigate through this difficult time.

Grief is not just one thing. It comes in many forms, and we will experience it differently. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Sooner or later, most people realise they need support to change.

So, isn’t it more important to rediscover your purpose and a new sense of direction rather than let grief steal what life means to you?

The moment of realisation that you need help to evolve out of the hole of darkness that you feel has consumed you is inevitable. But as someone who was always a driven, ambitious individual like yourself, you understand that the sooner you seek support, the faster you'll see incredible transformations.

If you are receiving this message, chances are you have been following me on my social platforms or have read one of my many articles. My content must have resonated with you, and I'm thrilled to have connected with someone who appreciates what I say. Many people find that others do not understand their grief.

Considering the potential for growth and transformation through collaboration, it's natural to feel excitement and apprehension about embarking on this coaching journey with me. I suspect that the thought of collaborating with me has crossed your mind more than once. However, uncertainty about whether this coaching journey is right for you may be holding back your decision. The idea of working closely with me might seem daunting because there will be no place to hide.

If this resonates with you, it's not a fear of me but a fear of facing yourself and opening up to the pain that you have been keeping deeply buried within. I know because that's exactly where I used to be.

As a coach who deeply cares about her clients' well-being and isn't afraid to challenge them when needed—even when they want to say, “I can’t do this,” I am not for everyone. If confronting self-truths scares or intimidates you, this platform is NOT for you.

My approach involves saying things other coaches won't dare say because I perceive things they often miss.

Working with me means choosing transformation over stagnation, prioritising self-investment over excuses, and embracing change over procrastination. No more hiding or shoving your pain where you are too scared to face it!

I urge decisive action rather than indecisiveness. I’d rather you make a bold decision than get stuck in indecision, so I want to discuss how we can work together.

DO NOT book a coaching journey call unless you want to prioritise yourself and your healing.

Take charge of your decisions now! It's time to break free from indecision and embrace bold action.

Let's collaborate to unleash a stronger version of yourself, empowered by your experiences.

Book a coaching journey call ONLY if you are GENUINELY COMMITTED to prioritising yourself and taking the necessary steps towards becoming who you aspire to be through your healing journey, thereby evolving into a stronger and more connected person.

Let's make this happen! 

The THRIVE After Grief Coaching Method may not align with your needs if you...

  • Aren't willing to be open to your transformation and healing.
  • You're seeking an instant solution or a shortcut.
  • You aren't willing to leave your pain in your past and look to the future.
  • You aren't willing to explore what the new you can be while still grieving.

This may not be suitable for you if you're unwilling to accept that these are not the solutions.

  • Moments of peace and tranquillity amidst the chaos of your emotions.
  • Healing is possible, no matter your grief.
  • Discovering a new, more powerful version of yourself.
  • Acceptance of your loss and the new reality it brings.


Free 30-Minute Consultation 

It all begins with just 30-minutes of your time to discuss your situation with me. During this session, we will determine if we are the right fit to work together. Before we schedule a call, I have a few questions to ask. I value your time and mine and want to ensure we maximise these 30 minutes together.

90-Minute Deep Dive

Embark on a transformative journey where just 90-minutes could alter the course of your life in unimaginable ways. Experience a radical shift that promises to redefine your existence, leaving you forever changed for the better. This remarkable opportunity is not to be missed, as it holds the key to unlocking a brighter, more fulfilling future.

THRIVE After Grief

A groundbreaking 12-week program for high achievers navigating the challenging grief journey and seeking healing, personal evolution, and positive change.


Isn't the happiness we want often in the things that we resist?

Embracing my healing and personal growth journey has allowed me to break free from the chains of sorrow, find a deeper connection to myself, and discover life's true meaning and essence. This has given me a renewed sense of purpose and joy in life, and I know it can do the same for you.

THRIVE After Grief isn't just another self-help program! 

It's a transformative journey designed for high achievers ready to move beyond grief and reclaim their JOY, PURPOSE, and LIFE BACK.

If you're seeking a one-size-fits-all solution and hesitate to commit to saying "YES" to yourself and "NO" to staying in your pain... 

If you're comfortable with giving up on finding a solution... So what you are saying is that your well-being is not important enough to you. Then you're not ready!

This program is for individuals seeking practical tools and expert guidance to navigate the complexities of grief and 
emerge stronger than ever before.

If you're ready to 
embrace healing and growth after loss, THRIVE After Grief is the empowering resource you've been searching for.

If you’re ready to 
explore what is possible and the connection between your thoughts and emotions, which creates your beliefs, take 100% responsibility for ALL of who you are. 



If you're seeking a MASTER COACH who has walked your journey and truly UNDERSTANDS the path to HEALING, empowering you to step into a STRONGER version of yourself characterised by UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE, deep SELF-TRUST, unwavering SELF-LOVE, and SELF-WORTH, then let's embark on this EMPOWERING journey together.

DON'T LET GRIEF HOLD YOU BACK - Don't focus on what you have lost; focus on what you have left!